What's included?


Our membership is the most supportive option with a range of perks for its members. 

  • 1:1 training support
  • Ongoing training support once qualified
  • Reduced course costs
  • Blue and yellow gear/uniform
  • Support with access refusals
  • Private Facebook community group
  • Weekly live group education and training sessions
  • And more!

Who can join?


We welcome all dogs from the age of 8 weeks to our PreMember program which will give you the foundation skills needed to train your dog as an assistance dog.


We can also work with older dogs that have prior training or working experience. 

Application process


Please ensure that you read through the application hand book below prior to applying. 

Spaces are limited, and application does not guarentee acceptance. 

The application form can be found at the bottom of this page. 



We aim to keep the costs as low as possible to accomodate all applicants. The costs of our full membership equate to roughly £10 per month for 2 years, however these costs do vary. Please see the costings page in the application handbook for full details. 

PAWtected CIC is proud that our uniform is sponsored by the Matthew Ludlam Foundation.

How to become a member - step by step

Step 1

Sign up for our sample course by clicking HERE

If your dog is under 16 weeks of age, we strongly advise that you sign up for Basic Exposure as soon as possible by clicking HERE

Step 2

Read the application handbook below.

This contains vital information about the membership. Please contact us if you need help. 

Step 3

Complete the online application form underneath the application handbook.

Please ensure that your email address is correct as we need this to contact you. 

Optional Step

The application process can take a few days. In the meantime, we encourage prospective PreMembers to get started on the first course, Foundation Canine Skills which is available HERE


Behind the scenes, we will be reviewing your application. When you've completed the sample course and the application, we will contact you. 

Step 4

If sucessful, you will recieve a welcome email inviting you to enrol as a PreMember or Fast Track Client.

When this is done, you will get a welcome pack which walks you through the first few days as a member. 

Application handbook



Please ensure that you read this handbook fully prior to starting your application. 

If your dog is untrained, please read the "PreMember" handbook. 

If your dog is trained, please read the "Fast Track" handbook

Application form

Name *
E-mail *
County *
Dog name *
Dog age *
Dog breed *
How will your dog help you? *
Which are you applying for? *
Are you enrolled onto Moodle? *
Why do you want to become a member? Please be as detailed as possible.  *




We have some funding opportunities available to members. Please click below to fund out more or to support one of our members by donating.