Welcome to PAWtected. The aim of this organisation is to improve the standard of canine welfare and training accross the UK. We achieve this by providing accessible training for dogs, handlers and trainers. 

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How did we start?

PAWtected was founded in 2017 by a team of dog trainers and owners. We created and provided free training resources for pet and Assistance Dog handlers. From there, we grew to become the organisation we are today. Supporting a large number of clients with their dogs. 

What we do

We provide accessible training for dogs, humans, youth and Assistance Dogs.

We provide volunteering opportunities.

We campaign for Assistance Dog rights.


4 qualified Assistance Dogs, 13 in training Assistance Dogs and Multiple independent Assistance Dogs

130 clients supported with training

4 dog trainers trained


By supporting us you will... enabling us to work with more life changing Assistance Dogs enabling us to improve the standard of canine welfare enabling us to provide more opportunities

Please see what our members have to say to find out more.

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