Case studies


We asked our members to say what PAWtected meant to them in 50 words or less.

This is what they had to say...

Helen (client)

Being Pawtected members has been wonderful; the support around and structure of the training has made everything very clear and achievable. It has reduced my daughters anxiety and given her the confidence she needed to go outside and have some independence again. Absolutely life changing.

Christine (team and client)
  • Help
  • Back up
  • Family
  • Security
  • Like minded people
Rachael (client)

To me pawtected is an amazing community that is more like family to me. The support is out of this world and I can't thank them enough

Chris (team and client)

PAWtected is the training route to our future - a really treasured opportunity... Structured training, with Guidance, Advice, Support and Patience. High Quality Standards and Goals to strive for Membership and Belonging, Motivation and Confidence Friendship, Sharing and Humour. Thank you PAWtected !!