Assistance Dog Standards Campaign


Improve the standard of Assistance Dog training and ensure professional working standards through awareness of the standards required and provision of assessments to ensure these standards.


The strategies detail what we will be doing within this campaign in order to achieve our objectives. Please click on the links for more infromation. 

Standards bundle

We will provide a bundle at reduced rates which will allow Owner Trained Assistance Dog teams to assess their ability to meet the standards we give within the petition scheme (please see below). This will look at both the dogs training level and the ability of the team to work professionally through their working lives. A vest and lead slip are also provided.

This bundle includes

  • Canine Skills – to assess the dog’s general abilities

  • Socialisation – to assess the dog’s ability to fit into society

  • Assistance Dog – to assess the dog’s ability to work professionally

  • Assistance Dog Awareness – to assess the handlers understanding

The mixture of these courses and the provision of the vest/lead slip will help to ensure high standards of training and that the team are working in a professional manner.

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Independent courses

All the courses involved with the bundles will be available to purchase separately. Working gear can also be purchased from Sunny Makes.

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We provide an in-depth Assistance Dog training option through membership. We ensure that all members have a high standard of training and that they are aware of the standards they are expected to uphold. Members wear a smart blue and yellow vest/cape.

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This petition will be working towards creating a set of formalised standards which Assistance Dogs can work towards. These standards include the following:

These will be provided free on our website for any company to use as reference. If an individual or company/organisation agrees with the standards we have provided we will encourage them to sign our petition and display our symbol (see below) in support of our work.


We will be branding our strategies relating to our standards under the same symbol. As our bundles, independent courses and membership all meet the standards in the petition, we will encourage them to also get involved with our symbol.

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