Assistance Dog Awareness Campaign


To raise awareness of the benefits of Assistance Dogs and support Assistance Dog teams in order to help more individuals with disabilities.

To reduce discrimination by preventing access refusals that Assistance Dog users experience through education of service providers. 


The strategies detail what we will be doing within this campain in order to achieve our objectives. Please click on the links for more infromation.


We will be collating resources (both created by PAWtected and from 3rd parties) which will support Assistance Dog teams. These resources will include posters, leaflets, stickers and other promotional materials. These resources will be provided as part of other strategies.

Click here.

Workshops (coming soon)

We will be providing Assistance Dog Awareness Workshops. The workshops will be provided to the following 3 audiences:

  • Service provider workshop

  • Adult information workshop

  • Children and Youth information workshop

These workshops will ensure that those in attendance are aware of the following:

  • What an Assistance Dog is

  • Laws regarding Assistance Dogs

  • How Assistance Dogs help

  • Correct and incorrect behaviours for an Assistance Dog

  • Asking unsuitable dogs to leave

  • Making adjustments

  • Case studies

  • Quiz

The workshops will be provided by trained volunteers and will be available across the UK. The organiser is responsible for paying all fees the volunteers experience (e.g. travel and parking), the workshop fee and are encouraged to make a donation towards the work of PAWtected. We will also have a range of resources available.

Online courses

We will provide a range of online courses to help individuals who are unable to attend a workshop or who would like to further their knowledge relating to Assistance Dogs. The online courses will be aimed at the following audiences:

  • General awareness click here
  • Manager awareness (coming soon)

These online courses will also provide a certificate of completion.

Education bundles (coming soon)

We will be creating a range of resources relating to Assistance Dog Awareness. These resources will be available in bundles which can be given to a service provider to help raise awareness and educate them regarding Assistance Dogs. These bundles will include a window sticker and workshop invitation.

Awareness range

We are creating a range of products which will help to raise awareness. These will include the provision of hard copes of our resources. These products include keyrings, magnets and bags. This strategy will incorporate the cartoon strategy. click here


A range of cartoons, each relating to an Assistance Dog fact, will help to bring enjoyment and interest in Assistance Dogs. These cartoons will help incorporate all our strategies and ensure continuity. Please see our social media pages for the images or our store  or products. 

Referral system (coming soon)

We will be providing an online form which members of the public will be welcome to complete. This form will provide PAWtected with details of any establishments or service providers who would benefit from being educated on the topic of Assistance Dogs.


We will be branding all the strategies under the same symbol and cartoons to help ensure that our work is mutually beneficial for all strategies.

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