Founding Summary



PAWtected originated in August 2017, when a group of disabled handlers came together to train our dogs to a recognised standard with ethical training methods. We struggled to access established organisations due to geographical, criteria and financial barriers. 


The team use our experience, resources and training to create a structured programme which our members could follow to train their dog to mitigate their disabilities. From there we grew. We started to cater for pet, sport and other working dogs, as well as providing training for dog handlers, trainers, enthusiasts and other professionals. 




The relief of disability and preservation of independence among disabled people in Great Britain through the provision of specialist services which facilitate the training and working of assistance dogs.


To advance the education of and raise awareness in Great Britain on the subject of assistance dogs to prevent disability discrimination and social exclusion.


To advance the education of the public in general (and particularly dog owners/professionals) in Great Britain on the subject of canine care, training and welfare by providing education services.


To promote humane behaviour towards canines by educating the public in Great Britain on matters pertaining to canine care, training and welfare to prevent cruelty and suffering.


To promote community volunteering for the public in Great Britain by providing training and volunteering opportunities.





We are committed to achieving and maintaining high standards so that members and clients are provided with the best experience.


Inclusion and community

We strive to include all who are interested in canines. Through our wealth of opportunities, we work to provide a service which can cater for anyone interested. Where needed we will apply reasonable adjustments or create new opportunities.

We have a strong and friendly community within PAWtected which is welcoming of all. We provide a safe and secure network in which our members can gain support. We value and respect each person and dog as an individual, ensuring that steps are put in place for each individual so that they are included.



We work closely with our team, clients and members to ensure that every goal is achievable. We boost their metal wellbeing by enabling them to be proud of their achievements. We are committed to ensuring that everyone achieves.


Encouragement to fulfil potential

We continually develop new ways in which we can support our team, clients and members in order for them to fulfil their full potential. We work closely with our team, clients and members to ensure they have the encouragement needed in order to achieve their potential. We work together with the individual so as to create structured and individual learning plans which support the individual through their journey.


Ethical training and high standards of care

We are committed to every dog is trained using ethical reward-based methods and that every handler understands the care requirements of the dog. This ensures that all dogs we work with are happy and healthy. We will never knowingly compromise welfare. Training philosophy




PAWtected is managed by our admin team and 100% of any money that is raised or donated goes directly towards our work. None of our staff are paid for the work they do with PAWtected.